Introducing Exchange AdBoost

Advertise Without Paying Cash. Offer Your Products, Services or Deals Instead of Cash to Advertise!

How does it work?

Advertise in Smartbazaar by offering your products, services or deals instead of paying cash that will go in as ‘Smartbazaar Subscribe & Win’ prize for customers.

What do I have to pay?

You simply sponsor your business’s products, services or deals as prize for ‘Smartbazaar Subscribe & Win’ customers through Smartbazaar website! A 2% processing fee applies.

What Mileage do I Get?

Get as many customer reach as your prize worth. Example: if you offer prize worth Rs.10,000, your ad reach will be 10,000 customers plus potential increase in ‘Smartbazaar Subscribers’ as customers get prize incentives on Subscribing your ‘Virtual Store’

Benefits- Why Advertise in Smartbazaar?

  • Advertise without paying cash & reach out to thousands in ‘Cost-per-Impression’ model!  
  • Boost your sales, profit & customer base while cutting marketing cost
  • Showcase your business & products to thousands in ‘Subscribe & Win Network’ 
  • Reach your deals to thousands
  • Increase your Smartbazaar Subscribers 

Start Advertising Now!

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